About Us

Barb grew up with a menagerie of pets in the household.  Her love of animals (and dogs, in particular) led her to pursue a diploma in Animal Health Technology at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.

Barb could often be found training a variety of dogs to perform tricks and obedience skills.  While she loves all dogs, the addition of her first Irish Setter, Skylar, changed the course of her canine pursuits.

With Skylar in tow, Barb delved into the world of competitive agility, and obedience.  As she felt the need to respect the heritage of the breed, Barb pursued the world of pointing dog field events and hunting with a dog.  She then realized that the activities and breed was addictive and added another Irish Setter, Target, to the pack.  Target quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the field and earned a field title at a mere 4 months old.

Barb continually upgrades her knowledge of training and has participated in clinics with industry leading professionals such as Rick Smith, and members of the Scandinavian Working Dog institute.  She believes that education never stops and strives to bring the newest techniques to her students.

Scent detection training soon became a great outlet for Barb and the dogs as the dogs’ needs changed.  It became a passion to teach other pets and owners the popular activity that all dogs could do.

At Front N’Scenter Canine, we believe that all dogs require physical and mental stimulation.  Through our scent detection classes, dog walking and pet visit services, and consultations, we are able to help the owner have fun with their dog and give the dog an outlet to be a valued member of society.

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