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At Front N’Scenter, we love to meet our pets where they are at and help them and their families meet their greatest potential.  The specialized training that we provide and the specialized continuing education that we have done reflect our interests.


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Complex Solutions for Complex Behaviours

We are able to work with clients globally- no need to travel to us

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In the past, we have worked in the traditional method of visiting our clients and providing a behaviour modification plan for the client to implement.  We have found over time that it is not the best method to get effective behaviour change.  We are the experts in dog and pet training and behaviour modification, not the clients or the owners.  We have studied the subtle side of body language and behaviour change and it our clients are learning just as much as their pets.

Leverage technology allows us to maintain follow-up regularly and monitor successes, and prevent stumbling blocks.  You will have regular feedback from us multiple times a week, so that you do not struggle and changes in your behaviour plan can be implemented immediately.

Our complex Behaviour Modification Plans are available as a virtual only program or a hybrid of in-person and online (depending on location- we are located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia so mileage may be charged)

Separation Anxiety Training and Support Can be added on