Separation Anxiety Training

We are able to work with clients globally- no need to travel to us

Separation Anxiety related behaviours can be heartbreaking for the family and pet(s) involved.

We have trained with the world’s leading expert on separation anxiety to obtain our certification in separation anxiety.

We can help you find relief in your pet(s) separation related behaviours (such as vocalization, destruction, inappropriate elimanation). We use scientifically proven methods to help desensitize your pet to departures.

Our training is done virtually using simple technology such as Zoom and google sheets.  You will get weekly live reassessments and daily individualized training mssions for your pet.

As each pet has their own behaviour timeline, we cannot predict how long it will take to meet your departure goals, but we will support and help you get closer to your goals while working with us. Separation anxiety training is often measured in months, not weeks or years, as it is complex and as individual as you are your pet.

While we do offer a one time consultation and help setting up your first training session, our most effective training plan is our subscription of 4 week blocks of training (we will work with you daily for 4 weeks, and further on as long as you need).

Our initial consultation and first training mission is $150.00 plus HST

Our 4 week initial training block which includes 5 live Zoom assessments, 4-5 daily training missions/week and daily feedback and support, is $650.00 plus HST

Following 4 week blocks (as long as there is no break in subscription) is $500.00 plus HST

In some circumstances, we are able to work with your pet insurance company to have this service covered. Please ask us for details on this.

To sign up or for more information, please use this form  or email us


Scent Detection Classes

Front N’Scenter Animal Behaviour & Consulting continues to lead the way in scent detection in Atlantic Canada. We continuously train and consult with industry leaders in professional and sport scent detection, as well as scent detection for enrichment and rehabilitation. Barb also has real world experience. She trained her professional Bed Bug Detection Canine, Camo, from a puppy up to a working detection dog, and is currently training her young springer spaniel, Trout, foundation work for professional detection.

Scent Detection (also known as sporting detection or nosework) is one of the fastest growing activities for dogs and owners. Dog and handler teams mimic the real world of professional detection dogs, but use essential oils as target scents as opposed to prohibited items.

Scent detection is an all inclusive activity.  Dogs of all sizes, ages, and obedience ability.  Dogs with space and reactivity concerns are more than welcome to play this game as the dog and handler teams work individually.

We offer weekly scent detection classes in Dartmouth.  We hope to resume weekly classes in Ellershouse and/or Avonport. Regularly scheduled clinics are held in Avonport, Bridgewater, and Upper Stewiacke.

We are also able to work virtually one on one, or with a group, and are able to accomodate space sensitive dogs.

Please email us at to reserve your space.

 Trick Dog Title Evaluation

As a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, we are able to witness your tricks via video submission or in-person. For more information on having your trick dog title submission approved, please contact us at


Our one on one instruction is available as a stand alone lesson or as a training package. Sometimes class schedules do not work with your real life schedule or you and/or your dog may not be ready of comfortable in a group setting. You may also want some targeted work for a behaviour you are working on. Let us help you meet your goals.

Contact us at to set up a free initial telephone consult to work out a training plan for you.


We are available for a variety of workshops and events. Please contact us today at to set up a training day in your location.

Veterinary Referrals

We are always happy to work with veterinary teams to meet behavioural goals.

Other Species

While we have traditionally worked with canines, we do have an extensive background with other species and are able to help with your beavhioural goals. If it is out of our scope of practice, we are happy to refer to our colleauges.