Bed Bug Inspections

No one wants to talk about them, and the mere thought of them makes you want to itch. Unfortunately, bed bugs continue to be a rising issue in communities. Bed bugs do not discriminate between rich or poor, clean and unclean. They are great at finding a meal source and remaining hidden until they do. Often, the unsuspecting human, does not realize they have uninvited guests until they have a problem.

A properly trained dog has been scientifically proven to be 95% effective at locating small numbers of live bed bugs, while a human averages about 35%. Dogs are trained to alert only on eggs, nymphs, and live adults. They do not alert on dead bugs as there is no need to treat an area if any bugs are already dead. Dogs are used proactively in situations where there is a constant flow of people coming through an area to ensure an area remains bed bug free, in situations where bed bugs are suspected but cannot be located, and in situations where treatment has been done in order to ensure there are no further viable bugs.

Camo was selected and trained to detect bed bugs from the young age of 8 weeks old. For him, it is a giant game of hide and seek and his ultimate reward is to get to play ball or earn a treat. Maintenance training is done daily using live bugs to ensure that he is at his best when out on the job.

Front N’Scenter Canine is now offering bed bug detection services in Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding areas. We specialize in dog training and handling and leave the treatment to the pest control company of your choice. We are independent of any pest control company, so our customers can choose the solution that works for them.

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