UKCSD PTSD Detection Course

Learn How to Train Dogs to Detect PTSD Nightmares

Presented by Dr Robert Hewings and Karen Hewings

October 11 – October 12, 2020

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

What the heck does a nightmare smell like? This workshop is aimed at those training and handling PTSD service dogs. It will cover the principles of training a dog for pheromone discrimination as well as training the dog to support the handler through night terrors.

Learning Objectives for the course include:

  • How to train for pheromone discrimination
  • What is required of PTSD service dogs
  • PTSD case studies
  • Using scent alerts for early warnings
  • Live demonstration of training techniques

Both working and audit spots are available. Working spots will be restricted to those with some previous experience with service dogs.

Price – $600.00 plus HST for a working spot, $400.00 plus HST for an Auditor spot.

You can find a registration form for this event here