Canine Assisted Bed Bug Detection

Dogs are able to smell even low levels of bed bug numbers, including eggs and larva, even before you may have visual evidence of an infestation. Dogs are trained to only indicate on live bed bugs and ignore dead bed bugs and castings.

This allows you to take control of the situation before the problem spreads. In the long run, using a dog can help save you money by working with your chosen pest control operator to target problem areas.

We offer several service options including:

  • regular preventative monitoring (we will inspect at regular intervals and are able to be an early warning system to keep your building bed bug free
  • ¬†infestation mapping (we are able to go into your building when you suspect that you have a problem and are able to map out what areas have a problem and what areas are free of bugs)
  • -post treatment inspection (we will go in after your building has been treated, allowing for time for treatment to take effect, and verify that there are no further live bugs)


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Professional Detection Dog Training

Are you looking for a a professional detection dog for your business?

If it has scent, we are able to train a dog to detect it. Dogs are becoming more widely used in private businesses to detect everything from currency and media devices, to agricultural pests and pathogenic bacteria. Dogs are also becoming more widely used in medical detection service dogs detecting changes in blood sugar and even detection PTSD/I nightmares.

Contact us today regarding your specific needs and we will happily discuss options for sourcing and training a specialized canine for your needs.