Our head trainer, Barbara Deg, has over 20 years as a pet professional. Barb completed studies in Animal Health Technology at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. While completing her diploma, Barb spent extracurricular time studying animal behaviour and training. She spent time learning innovative techniques in training both domestic and exotic species (yes you can use a clicker to train a cow to heel, and some tigers do enjoy some enrichment with catnip plants).
At Front N’Scenter Canine Enterprises, we believe that continuing education is necessary for bringing new and innovative techniques to you and your dog. Barb continues to seek out opportunities to work with industry leaders in behaviour and trainers. We bring this back to work with you and your dog, and are able to modify our training plan to the dog and family and front of us. No cookie cutter training to make your dog fit into.

We have experience working with a variety of breeds and mixes. We have worked with puppies as well as senior dogs. Barb has lived with some of the “hard to train” breeds and does not discount them. While we enjoy competition and trials, we believe that this is only a small part of the time that you live with your dog. We love to support those teams that chose to pursue competition, you will not find us pressuring any of our teams to compete
At Front N’Scenter Canine, we believe that all dogs require physical and mental stimulation. Through our scent detection classes, dog walking and pet visit services, and consultations, we are able to help the owner have fun with their dog and give the dog an outlet to be a valued member of society.