Dog Training For Every Dog

We believe that all dogs need a job (even if their main role is being a fantastic pet).  Our goal is to safely teach skills to dogs and handlers to make this happen.

We love to see the human-animal bond strengthened and do so using your dog’s natural instincts.  We teach scent detection (also known as sporting detection or nose work) classes around Nova Scotia, and regularly travel further distances for working clinics.  

Tricks and boredom busters are fun activities to spend time with your dog. You do not need to run for 3 plus hours a day to tire out your dog.

Private classes and stay and train sessions are designed and tailored to you. If it’s basic life skills or more complex behaviour issues, we can help. We also welcome working with you and your vet team to design a training program safely.

Contact us today for information on how we can help you work with your dog’s natural abilities.

Now offering online learning options